Single 2.4 Xeon or Dual 1.8 Xeon

Hi, I've got two servers of which I want to revamp one and use it as a domain controller/Exchange server, running with 10 CALs. One is a single CPU 2.4ghz Xeon (533 FSB) and the other is a dual CPU 1.8ghz Xeon (400 FSB).

Will the slower dual CPU machine benefit due to the fact of multiple CPU's or am I best to stick with the single CPU machine?

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    I am not familiar with the apps you are
    using but if they are multithreaded than I would use
    the dual 1.8
    if it is a single threaded application then use the single 2.4
    usually most server level software will be multithreaded
    also if the 2.4 is a dual socket (probably socket 603) then
    nowadays old Xeons are dirt cheap and I would pick up
    a second to throw in that machine
    I bought two Xeon Prestonia 3.2ghz/533fsb on US ebay for under $20 with shipping
    about a year ago
  2. Based on the FSB speed I assume they are netburst based? Go with the dualie under all modern circumstances.
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  4. Thank you very much.
    Dont be a stranger :)
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