Feedback Needed - Homebuilt Workstation

Hello All,

I have been out of the technology loop for over 2 years so any feedback would be great appreciated.

I need to build a budget workstation, I have always built gaming rigs in the past I think its about the same setup.

Budget: 850-950

1. What is the most important component in the workstation??

2. What are the best components I can get within my budget?

1. CPU - Unsure
2. GPU - Not sure whos king ati or nvida
3. RAM - Not sure whats good
4. MOBO - I have no clue.
5. HD - I think ill go with 1tb of w/e is on sale??
6. Case - P180 for sure
7. CD drive- Ill go with whatever is on sale
8. Power supply - Corsair still good??

I have a mouse, keyboard, monitor..

Thank you all for your feedback!!
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  1. Ive had problems with MSI in the past not to mention the reviews on newegg were pretty bad.

    Could you reccomend another board?? or is this the best board for the features??

    Is x58 chipset the best to go with?? newest?? will I be able to expand later down the line??

    Thank you!!
  2. Thank you so much for all of your help!!!
  3. avoid MSI like the plague
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