VGA or HDMI Out Better for HD Streaming to TV?

I would like to watch HD content from various websites on my TV. I do have HSI at 20MBPS so connection is not an issue. My PC however does not have an HDMI out and I am connecting it using VGA out to the TV. My question is if I upgrade the PC with a video card that has HDMI out, will that make the picture that much better compared to VGA out?

I believe the TV that I am using also matters in answering the question, so I have a 50" Samsung DLP HDTV. If you do recommend HDMI is better than VGA on a DLP, which graphics card would you recommend that has HDMI?

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  1. HDMI is always better than VGA. You'll definitely notice a clearer, better picture.

    Any video card will do since all you're doing is streaming content. Just be mindful of power requirements.
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    If it is just for streaming video then a card like this HD4350 will do just fine
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