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Hello everybody,

A month ago I received a gift, a MSI R5770 Hawk, in order to use it I bought a PSU Coolermaster GX-550. After installation, it worked fine for a day. The computer shut it down by itself. After, I tried to power on the PC, but it didn't, not even the fan start to work. At the end I realise that when the Video Card was installed it didn't power on, but when I used the older card it was just fine. I tested the new card on a friend's PC, and the same thing.

I could change the card, I have now a new one, I'd like to install it, but I want to know where is the problem ir order to fix it, or it was just a bad card. or maybe my mobo can't work with this card, the PSU.........

My PC:
Intel C2D E7400
2x2 Gb DDR2 800Mhz
PSU coolermaster gx-550
2 hard drives.

I hope you can help me.


PD: sorry for my english, I hope you can understand it fine, I speak spanish.
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  1. The 5770 is a PCI-Express 2.1 card, you have a PCI-Express 1.0 slot.

    2.1 cards don't work in 1.0 slots, at least not consistently. The problem is most likely due to that, although it could also be a bad GPU as well (you would confirm this by seeing what type of PCI-Express slot your friend has. If his is a 2.0 slot, and it still didn't work, then the GPU was bad. If he has a 1.0 slot like you, then it's most likely just that you have the 2.1 card/1.0 slot conflict)
  2. If your mobo did not work with it it would not have done it for a day in the beginning! Definitely a bad card.
  3. ok, thanks for helping.

    So, if I want to give a try and test the new card in order to find out if its a compatibility issue? is there a posibility that the card can get burnt or something like that, or it just won't work but the card will be fine?
  4. If it is the compatibility issue the card will not work period and should not get damaged in anyway.
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