How to copy files from a Raid0 to a single SATA

I have a Asus P5Q Pro and recently purchased a new 1.5 TB hard drive that I wanted to replace my existing RAID setup.

What I would like to do is use the new HD as my main drive, and potentially use the hard drives as either slaves to the new HD or use in another system.

After I install Win 7 on the new HD, I would also like to be able to transfer video files from the old hard drives to the new one but I do not see any options in the BIOS to allow both a single HD and the RAID to be running at the same time.

Is there any way to do this or do I need to invest in an external SATA HD enclosure to put the new HD (after the OS is installed) in to allow me to copy the files off?

The files are mostly DVR video files and are around 5GB each. Backing up to DVDs would not be a great solution in this case.

Thank you for your help!

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  1. Just connect the new drive and use it as a non-RAID hard disk, but leave the controller in RAID mode. You probably should disconnect the RAID 0 drives while installing Windows 7 and reconnect them once you're done.

    Edit: You could also initialize the new hard disk and copy the DVR video files to it. Then disconnect the RAID 0 drives and install Windows 7 without formatting the drive.
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