Mini-ITX Power Supply using Athlon II 610e

Planning on a subject build using a Propus 610e, 4GB DDR3 1333, a DVD burner, and a 80Gb HDD. These will be mounted/connected to an ASUS M4A88T-I Deluxe MoBo. Win7 or XP3 Home for the OS.
Since the MoBo is OOS right now, I thought to ask what mini-ITX PS (PICO preferred) would be best. I'm sure the system will succeed with a 120W supply, but is 90 or 80W also an option here considering the low-consumption of the Quad-Core?, I realize that the burner might comsume more power during burns. I would appreciate some experienced help along these topics. Thanks

IMHO this 610e is a very nice set-up with adequate power for general needs while consuming little power. /MHO

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  1. I don't have the numbers to back it up, but it *feels* like 120W is where you want to be and 80-90W would be a strain.

    Do you have a case picked out yet? A lot of mini-itx cases come with a PSU and these days there are some that come with decent PSUs like Lian-Li or Silverstone.
  2. Haven't selected a case yet, but did find a nice price on some G-Skill DDR3-1333 CAS9. Thanks for opinion. 120W seems right, thought it might do with less. Going case-hunting. :sol:
  3. The usual PS in these cases is 200-300W... usually better to stay under 200W if a 100-120W demandis needed for efficiency purposes. Saw a nice 150 PS mini-ITX case, but as luck would have it OOS.
  4. If you can find it, one of the Athenatech a1089 cases is a pretty good case. It comes with a 150W PSU.
  5. This is the case I am referring to. It is back in stock @
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