Windows will not install and I think its my Motherboard

Hi, I have been working on this computer for a year now, and no luck in getting an operating system to boot up.

I have an M4A78t-e motherboard, a AMD 970 BE 4-core processor, 2 GBs of Corsair CM3x1024- 1333 MHz, and a 775 Watt

Diablotek PSU unit. Every time I try to install Windows 7 Ultimate on it, the logo will freeze up on me, and I will be forced to

restart the computer. I have tried putting the Hard Drive in AHCI mode, as well as IDE mode. I have tried installing on Windows

XP 64-bit to no avail. I have tried loading a separate Hard disk with Windows 7 64 bit already installed onto my computer and

booting from that, only to get an error. I have tested the memory and it is compatible with the motherboard. I'm not sure what

to do.
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  1. ahci have to be set in bios before the install of os,have the same board was enable to set ahci so use ide and work with win 7 64
  2. I have set the hard drive to IDE as well as switching to AHCI, neither one worked.
  3. I switched out from my ATI 4870 to the on-board 3200 and the logo is no longer frozen: it moves. I cannot tell if the OS is actually loading or not though. I will try and leave the computer on for a while to see if anything loads further.
  4. Nope, still frozen, not sure what to do...
  5. do a clear cmos if it still frozen also did you format the drive before install of win 7,another thing inspest the cd if there is no scratch or someting else on it
  6. I fixed it just yesterday. It turns out my system was just unstable due to my motherboard requiring me to figure out what the factory settings were for my CPU. I don't think I will ever buy a overclocking-based motherboard again, it has just been a huge PITA.
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