Mouse Stops Working Sometimes.

My 5 year old PC works fine until I start using Adobe Illustrator. After a while the optical USB mouse stops working. Mouse is fine, fresh batteries, etc. but the computer doesn't seem to be communicating with it right.

Last time this happened, i was able to close illustrator and after a while the mouse was fine again. Today, however, i got so frustrated i forced a shut down and mouse still won't work. When i go to control panel it tells me the mouse is working just fine. Computer does list it as a device, but i move it and the pointer on screen does not move.

Computer is pretty worthless to me, especially as i need to do graphic design work.

I used to have a somewhat similar problem with it about a year ago. I would turn it on and the light on the monitor would stay amber instead of turning green and the screen would be dark. I'd have to force shut down and turn it on again and say a few prayers and then the light would turn green and the screen would come to life. In that case, too, everything seemed to be working, just not communicating.

Haven't really had that problem anymore. I leave the computer on most of the time now. If I do need to turn it on after its been off, i kinda know to turn the power strip on and wait 3 seconds before turning on the tower. That seems to make the monitor light go green.

Anyway i worked in illustrator a few weeks ago with no problems. Then today i knew it was going to happen again with the mouse cuz it started responding slowly first then stopped altogether.
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  1. You could try a couple of things.
    Clean the optical lens with a q-tip and isopropyl alcohol.
    Go to device manager and uninstall mouse drivers.
    Turn off pc.
    Restart pc.
    Windows will reload the mouse drivers.
    If you still have issues,maybe a new mouse is in your future.
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