Hi got big problem ever since i built this pc every now and then it wont boot in the morning fans are spining but no beep or picture on monitor have to turn power off and on few times to boot this morning same thing but this time apon inspection found small amount of condensation on a fan housing and after checking everything thurougly found evedence that moisture had formed on other components 2 could this b cousing the problem and how do i prevent condensation overnight short of leaving pc running all night

Any suggestions and i should mention its all air cooled
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  1. Put a dehumidifier in the room, to get condensation in your computer at any reasonable temperature means that you have a lot of water in your air, even a cheap dehumidifier should be able to bring it down to a level where you wont get condensation. I have never heard of condensation being an issue except with some exotic cooling methods like LN2 or phase change coolers, but given a humid room, and a cool surface i guess it can happen.
  2. i am surprized as you are but there no explination of where moisture has come from dehumidifier is an option although room pc is in is quite large

    thanks for reply
  3. Do you, by chance, have your computer sitting near an air conditioner?
  4. What's your cooling?
  5. No air con as for cooling standard on CPU Accelero twin turbo pro on the GPU a standard case fan and a large fan i stuck on the side thet i removed from one of those Antec skeletons
  6. Are you in a very cold room or a very humid environment? Condensation occurs when cool/cold air comes into contact with hot/warm items (or vice versa) when sufficient water vapor is in the air. What room in your house is your PC in?
  7. just normal room would chucking a cover over it at night help do ya think and what about jell sacks to absorb moisture
  8. What region are you in? Or is your desk near a window?
  9. im in a currently warm enviroment (far south coast NSW Australia) had lot of rain lately 2

    not near a window either
  10. JK666 said:
    im in a currently warm enviroment (far south coast NSW Australia) had lot of rain lately 2

    not near a window either

    So, would this be a generally humid area? While that can certainly add the moisture element into the equation, I am at a loss as to what in your system would provide the cooling element needed to generate the condensation itself. That is why I had asked about the location of an air condition earlier. I am stumped.
  11. im starting to think a mouse got in through a gap i found a couple of dropings might be where the misterious liquid came from must like the warmth or something ill put grill over gap on back of case and set trap see if i can get the prick
  12. Good luck on your rodent hunt.
  13. if the mouse is not the culprit, i would suggest going out and buying a dehumidifier.
  14. i think it was a mouse hope it didn't chew something important little bastard cheers for the sugestions people
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