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Hey there I had a quick question, I was looking to invest in some memory here on down the road and I was wondering what would be the best thing I could get for the board I have. I am not very hardware smart so please do not go to fast or throw big words at me. This is the board that I am working with GA-MA785GT-UD3H.

I am looking for better quality than quantity, if that makes sense. Also I had a problem with RAM in the past not being compatible with my board or the timing was off, not sure what that means, but I would like to avoid that issue if possible.

EDIT: Mostly my computer is built for gaming so that is another thing that is to look for
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  1. Well would a mobo upgrade be a better option I want the maximum gaming rig

    EDIT: I know I have that mobo but I flashed the bios I'm running a 1100T
  2. Neither memory nor a mobo upgrade would make any significant improvement in system performance for gaming. Your best bet would be a better Video card.
  3. Is DDR3 the highest I can go? And is this a fast ram for gaming? the (1333mhz) one.
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