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I have a intel BLKDG33BUC and this motherboard wont wake with mouse or keyboard. I turned off the usb power saver feature can anyone help?
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  1. Did you select "allow this device to wake the computer" on device manger?
  2. You need to get into the BIOS and change the setting for the Waking up action specified there, there ought to be 4 or 5 options which tell you whether to wake the system from a LAN signal, a Keyboard Signal, A mouse Gesture, a power switch flip or a modem signal.... etc etc.
    Make sure the Sleep state is S3 and set the Wake Up even as Enabled for the Keyboard & Mouse.
  3. I have everything set to wake cpu. S3 sleep. I also disabled hybrid sleep. I can wake from sleep up until the psu fan turns off. Then it doesnt wake with usb devices.

    I want to use it at a tv pc and wake it wirelessly
  4. Well, by a tv pc do you mean a HTPC or a Windows Media Player kind of PC or a TV Tuner kind of PC? Wake it up wirelessly means with a remote control or a WiFi connection?
  5. i want to use it for netflix and windows media player. I have a wireless mouse and keyboard i want to use to wake it. on a side note if i let my computer sleep without using the sleep button it just on the timer, then keyboard and mouse will work to wake it. but when i click to make the computer sleep, it wont work to wake it with keyboard and mouse :(
  6. In the windows power option is the USB power saving option set up correctly?
    Mine is disabled since I too use a wireless Keyboard and Mouse.
    USB Settings--USB Selective Suspend Settings---Disabled
  7. Is the USB legacy support settings on your bios on or off?
  8. I have USB Settings--USB Selective Suspend Settings---Disabled. I also tested legacy on and off still doesnt work. I keep legacy support on by default. This is a very strange issue.
  9. SOLVED I used MSE standby program to fix it in windows 7!!
  10. What is MSE? Microsoft Essentials? or what?
    Or was it the MCE Standby Tool?
  11. jigster213 said:
    SOLVED I used MSE standby tools to fix it in windows 7!!
  12. my mouse and keyboard now work to wake with MCE standby tools.
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