Hp Envy 17

hello Im in the market for a new laptop for Christmas, i was looking at the Hp Envy 17 however that was a little too expensive. I love the looks of it though and would really like to find something without a plastic case like so many of the other laptops out there. Im mainly useing this a a gaming, multitasking/replacement desktop so it needs to be powerfull. And hopefully good looking!
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  1. Look into Sager. They build a lot of the notebooks out there, which other companies then rebrand.

    Acer amd Asus also make good notebooks
  2. Im still leaning toward the envy. but a quick question, what cpu would bottleneck the 5850?
  3. no modern chip will.
  4. no modern chip will, especially since a moble 5850 is more like a desktop 5750 or 5770
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