CPU running at proper speed?

I have a phenom x2 555 3.2 ghz, but when I run CPU-z it has this display

It says 803.6 mhz with a multiplier of x4. I realize that if I multiply 800 by 4 I get 3200, but whenever I see images online of the same cpu, it says something like 3200 x16. Am I reading this wrong or is there something wrong with my processor? I've been using an old computer for a long time, so it seems plenty fast to me.

I am able to run starcraft 2 with low settings fairly smoothly, so I doubt it's moving at 800mhz.

I've not done any overclocking or changing of the BIOS.
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  1. 3200 x 16 WTF, it will be 52000mhz if you're talking that is 3200 with an x of 16 then it has to be 200mhz x 16
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    Have it under any load? If not thats just cool'n'quiet kicking in and dropping the speed and voltage to reduce power consumption

    Put a reasonable load on it and it should kick up to full speed.

  3. Here are a couple of pics I found on the net. Hopefully it's just the cool'n'quiet like you said.
  4. Download prime 95 and run it with two threads, i bet your 555 will kick up to full speed instantly. Your voltage is lowered too so its almost certainly C'n'Q.
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