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So I know the install guide for my new ATI card states that you should uninstall old graphics drivers while the old card is still in...
but what if I didn't do that? is that a major problem?

I couldn't do that step because my old video card was burnt and thus my computer can't load without the new vid card, thus unable to uninstall the old drivers first...

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  1. Its not a big deal:

    Did you uninstall correctly - the trouble shooting way:

    Download and install driver sweeper:

    Download the latest VGA driver:

    Uninstall your current Nvidia driver and restart and boot to safe mode
    go to my computer - click "uninstall or change a program"
    find nvidia graphics drivers and control panel and click uninstall

    safe mode - press f8 after restarting after post but before windows logo
    or - type msconfig into start menu search and hit enter - select boot tab - select safeboot (remember to undo this after all is finished)

    In safe mode run driver sweeper - click on Nvidia - click on Clean and restart (make sure to reverse safeboot in msconfig) and boot normally to windows

    Install driver you downloaded earlier.

    If you have ATI card just ignore nvidia steps and replace with ATI, also no biggie

    Courtesy of Maziar
  2. ok, so when I put in the new vid card, windows loaded up (in poor resolution of course).
    Before I read the above post, I put in the cd that came with the ATI 4850. It installed the catalyst control center and things seem to be working fine (and now back to the good resolution.

    Should I still bother with your steps from above?
    With that Driversweeper program, will it just remove the drivers that I just installed for my new vid card, or will it possibly show the old vid card drivers that may not have been un-installed?
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