Can i upgrade from intel pentiu, dual core t4500 to intel core i3 m370. i have a

I have an hp g62 notebook pc. It has an intel pentium dual core t4500 processor, DDR-2 RAM, mobile intel 4 express chipset. Can i upgrade from intel pentium dual core t4500 to intel core i3 m370.
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    No. Among other things, the CPU sockets are incompatible.
  2. No, its a completely different architecture.
  3. No every thing about those componets are not the same. Your best bet is to buy a new laptop.
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  5. legacy cpu, the i series are the latest Intel CPU's i3, i5, i7 all able to achieve hyper-v amongst other things including SLAT, very handy, i have 3 operating systems including win 8 and there is no noticeable slowness, i have a laptop with the pentium dual core cpu t4500 running at 2.30 ghz and i couldnt see this procceser touching any of the i cpu's my i3 is running at 3.70ghz major difference
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