Is my mobo the problem

Hi guys, this one will be quick, made a video so you guys understand exactly what I mean.

Here`s the video:

I`ve been having issues with my pc. The screen just goes blank, and the computer shuts down after this happens. If I try to reboot it, with nothing connected besides the PSU, the power led will be on, the fans spin for half a second then nothing. No beep sounds occur either. Check the video to see exactly what happens. I tried pressing the little buttons on mobo that say reset, jcmos.

Just wanted to make sure it was the mobo before I replace it. I`m pretty sure it`s the mobo just wanted to make sure I didn`t miss anything. Ty all. :bounce:
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  1. Have you taken everything (RAM, GPU) out and reseated them? It could be something as simple as that.
  2. Yup tried that. Get the same result. Tried pretty much every combination.
  3. In that case it probably is the MB or PSU.
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