which is better socket PGA 478 or LGA 775 and why??
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  1. Both are obsolete but LGA775 is MUCH faster and newer.
  2. LGA 775 supports more recent CPUs that have more processing power than older PGA CPUs. LGA 775 CPUs are not the latest though.

    Current Intel CPUs use LGA 1156 and LGA 1366. Sandy Bridge CPUs are the latest and greatest for most people which is LGA 1155.
  3. i have asus p5p 800vm with lga 775 socket.but my runnning system has intel's d845gvsr with 457 socket with p-4 2.4 . that this processor won't work on the asus(LGA socket).what can i do???because i wanted to use that PGA socket processor on asus LGA socket.
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    I'd rather have an AM2+ instead of 478 or even 775, IMO..

    LGA is actually a better way. It allows for more contacts in the same space (LGA775 CPUs were about the same sizw as PGA478 CPUs) and allows for more surface contact. Plus chances of bending a pin in the socket are lower than on the CPU.

    As for AMD, they have a LGA socket for servers already, LGA1944, and I have heard they plan to go with LGA on consumer boards in the near future.

    To the OP, your original P4 2.4GHz is a 478, not 457. There is no 457. P4s started on PGA 423 then went to PGA478 and then LGA775 briefly.

    Go with a newer LGA1156. You will need all new hardware but yours is way too outdated to upgrade.
  5. i don't want to buy a newer i would already have 2 mobo's.
  6. Quote:
    that asus motherboard you speak of can only run up to a pent d dual core processor,
    that's better than nothing and better then a P4.

    Well better as in there more threads... but not much better. It's basically 2 P4's glued together.......
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