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ASUS [at my location] is giving me a hard time as I need to RMA my mobo, but the local support doesn´t seem to be able to handle my request. According to them the warranty is determined by the retailer, which gives just 1 year warranty, against 3 years from the ASUS worldwide.

The point is that the only information available regarding to warranty at ASUS web site is 3 years. There is not mention that the responsability for the warranty is of the local retailer, nor for how long it is the warranty.

Before I buy the mobo, I had a look at ASUS web site about warranty issues, but no informations were displayed -- nor reference about this transfer of responsability process between ASUS and its resellers.

Anyone in the same or similar situation?
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    Never heard of such a deal. This does not sound correct. The mobo itself is warrantied by Asus, not the retailer. Some retailers offer a 30 day no hassle exchange for a defective product, but they end up shipping it back to the mfg.
  2. contact asus directly to have rma process number use this link
  3. scout_03 said:
    contact asus directly to have rma process number use this link

    The link you provided re-directed to my location.

    I made a RMA request to ASUS, but they also re-directed it to my location.

    Thank you anyway.
  4. I have told ASUS Brazil I was bringing them to the Law Court as they didn´t provide costumers correct information about their warranty. All information on the web site says 3 years warranty. No mention about 1 year only warranty was provided.

    So, they phoned me some days ago saying they are now willing to help me. They now accepted my RMA request. On Fryday I sent the board to them.
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