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Watercooling question

I am planning on adding a watercooled setup to my system. I haven't done one for a few years so I wanted to get some opinions on my planned setup. I will be running 2x GTX 580 and an i7 920 (planned future upgrade to Sandy Bridge) in the loop with a reservoir, Laing DDC Rev. 3.25 pump, and at least a 240 radiator.

A) Will this pump be sufficient for this loop?

B) Will the 240 radiator be sufficient to cool it? I am also able to add an additional 120 radiator inside the case as well. If not i'll have to start mounting them externally (which i'd rather avoid). My case is the thermaltake v9.

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    V9 is a pretty horrible case for water cooling.

    the i7-9xx alone requires a 240 rad.

    GTX 580, not sure, but heat is similar to 480's, which are also 240 rad each.

    For this setup I'd recommend at min, 2 240rads and dual pumps, daisy chained, on a single loop.
  2. Thanks for the response. I've given it some further thought and think I can mod the case to use a 360 rad and two 120 rads. Think this will be sufficient?
  3. Yea that should be fine.
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