Best Shape for the computer case for airflow and negative of posative pressure?

The age of question of negative or positive pressure in a computer case, but i would also like to know the best chasis design for best air circulation.(Has to be practical)

I was thinking along the lines of triangular prism with air vent at the top of it... some vague concept of that...
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  1. Hi Nujabes,

    Are you planning on making a case from scratch? Are you trying to find a or design a case that uses the warm rising air to vent it as opposed to fans?

  2. I do not see how a triangular prism is "practical". That shape has a lot of surface area in the base for the amount of internal volume it has.
  3. BTX cases would have the best airflow, because that's what they have been designed for. For some reason the standard hasn't really caught on, though.

    Positive vs negative pressure is somewhat interesting to me. I'm going with the Sonata III case, and it seems that Antec usually designs their cases to be negative pressure (PSU and the 1st case fan pushing air out at the top/rear), but positive pressure could have the advantage of less dust being sucked into the case (because the main fan has a dust filter). Which one should I go for? :)
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