Dell Inspiron Mini 1011 Help install windows 7

Hi there
my girlfriend bought her mum a Dell Inspiron Mini 1011
and Windows 7 Home Premium pack

windows 7 came with a Product Key because the Dell notebook
does not come with a CD Drive and the steps are

1.Click the start button
2. Search "windows Anytime Upgrade"
3. Click Windows anytime upgrade key then click enter an upgrade key
4. Blah blah blah.......

but i can only find the "windows anytime upgrade" on my vista laptop and don't know how to upgrade hers to windows 7

is there some way you can get the windows anytime upgrade on xp ?
or would i need to install windows 7 from a torrent and just use the product key wee have got ?

any help would be great and her mum would be very grateful
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  1. Windows Anytime Upgrade is a Vista+ thing... nothing like it exists for XP. If you want to install Windows 7, you're going to need an external USB optical drive or you will have to create a USB key with the Windows 7 installation on it.
  2. I would call Dell and ask them for the Windows 7 url so you can download the upgrade or "Pitch a Fit" so they'll agree to do the upgrade for you since they sold you the key.
  3. It require some hardware and easy steps for some inspiron MINI version but an guide for Windows 7 installation is here at guruht
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