Lenovo M57p OEM Motherboard PCI-e Retention Clip

Hey guys, i seem to have an issue with my lenovo m57p oem motherboard, which i had in the original case, but took w/ cpu & ram to put in a different case, with a GTS 250. now, i am trying to switch to yet another case, but i cannot remove the card because the pci-e retention clip's finger tab goes right into the heatsink, instead of going to a sensible side to actually get the card out. i am stuck, as i know it can come out if my case (ASUS Vento 3600) if i had a removable motherboard tray to get at the clip at a correct angle. so far, i can move the clip a little, but the clip finger part goes right up into the gpu heatsink as it goes into the slot with a vertical trajectory...

i can almost grab it with pliers, but i don't have enough hands to pull up on the card while i pull the clip out of the heatsink.
and no, i don't want hands mailed in a crate to help me.

Pictures (not showing the clip, i don't have hands that small.)

last(?) picture in album is the last screw i need to remove to take out the motherboard, and of course, the gfx card is right on top. :fou:
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    Push the clip away from the back of the card towards the front of the card with a pair of pliers (push, not pull from the front) you just have to move it a few milimeters and it will come out.
  2. thanks for the help, but i got it out by unscrewing the standoff with pliers and taking out the motherboard. the clip design is stupid, it goes right underneath the gpu instead of torward the northbridge. again, thanks for the help, but i fixed my problem.
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