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Hi, I have a Scythe mugen (the first, not the II) for my Asus P6t SE motherboard (which accepts both S775 and S1366 coolers), with my overclocked i7 920 (3.2ghz). I installed the whole thing a year ago and everything was fine but yesterday I moved my PC and two of the pushpins (what a ***** system that is) got lose and I've been unable to reinstall the cooler: the pushpins still function when I installed only the retention brackets but attached to the cooler two of them just won't no matter how hard I push. i'm pretty sure some part of the retention brackets or the pushpins is worn out and I don't want to use any ***** pushpins ever again. So now I'm looking for either retention brackets with screws that are compatible with the Scythe Mugen (again, not the Mugen II, but the first one) and the Asus P6T SE motherboard (which has some kind of big metal plate underneath the location of the CPU that might interfere with traditional backplates), or a new cooler alltogether with screws.

So, do compatible retention brackets exist, and if not, what would be a good replacement cooler with screws, the same cooling capacity and preferably a smaller size and equal or less noise production than the Mugen?

Thanks for reading.
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  1. Have you removed the motherboard from the case and tried to install the cooler? I know it's a pain but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.
  2. The only way to properly install a push pin cooler is to remove the motherboard if you do not have a cutout in your case. You need to be able to look at the back to verify that the push pins are all the way through and locked. When you have the push pins out, play with them so you can understand how they work. I suspect that yours are still good.

    If you want a replacement cooler, I can recommend the Prolimatech megahalems. It is a efficient cooler, and has one of the easiest mounting systems I have ever used.
    It has a back plate, so you will still have to remove your motherboard to install.
  3. Tried taking the motherboard out but I still couldn't get all the pushpins to click. I bought the Zalman CNPS9900A today, it has a backplate with screws, is a bit smaller and seems quieter.

    Reminds me, hve to change my specs on this site.
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