Games not tested in 5760x1080 Eyefinity?

Hello, been ghosting these forums lately, you guys are really helpful. However, I've had a question on my mind, but no matter how much I google, I couldn't find a thread that answers it :(. I also don't know where this thread belongs, in Graphics/Displays or Gaming. If I chose the wrong category, sorry about that, please move!

I've been thinking of getting an Eyefinity 3 monitor setup with 1920x1080 monitors, cheaper than the 1920x1200 ones. I've looked at AMD's Eyefinity Validated Software list, and the games I wanna play (namely Crysis) don't list 5760x1080 as a tested resolution. Does this mean that I won't be able to play Crysis with the monitors I plan to get? Or that I can play the games, but they might have display problems?

Thanks in advance!
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    Front page my friend. Benchmark #7.

    You can play Crysis just fine... if you have the hardware :x
  2. Oh. Hahaha, sorry about that!
  3. See following official AMD link to ATI Eyefinity Validated and Ready games:

    Crysis is listed under the Ready section which generally means there could be some type of minor issue. 5760 x 1080 is not listed, but 5760 x 1200 is.
  4. Yeah, I said I looked at that list, and that 5760x1080 is not listed. My question was whether or not I could play it at 5760x1080 without some major problem.

    So does this mean that any three monitors with the same resolution can used for three monitor gaming, say 3 1024x768 monitors, even if not mentioned under that list?
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