How can I boot from an USB flash drive with MS7613

I have an HP p6330f desktop with an Intel i3 530cpu. I would like to boot from an USB flash drive. How can I do that. That is no option to boot from USN flash drive in the boot menu. Is there any bios that I can update so that I can boot from USB?
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  1. Check if the flash drive is listed in the hard disks section. If so, then set it as the boot drive.
  2. It is not on the list. There is no option of using legacy USB store in the BIOS.
  3. You connected a know good and bootable flash drive and the PC doesn't boot from it (but the same flash drive is fine on other systems)? Are you sure that it isn't in the Floppy Group?
  4. My good USB boot flash is not in any Hard drive group, floppy group or cd/dvd group.

    Is there any BIOS that I can use on the MS-7613 motherboard?
  5. I wouldn't try a non-HP BIOS (unless you don't really care if it no longer works). If you motherboard is then a newer BIOS probably isn't available.
  6. Thanks!

    That's the motherboard on my HP. I can't find any equivalent MSI motherboard so that I can use a replacement BIOS. It is a pain in the butt that I can only boot from floppy, CD/DVD or hard drive but not USB.
  7. I finally found a solution.

    Thanks for GhislainG! It belongs the "Hard Drive Group". The USB that I originally used was a SD inside a multicard reader. It can be recongized and boot from all other computer. However, the MS-7613 motherboard doesn't recongized it as a bootable USB. As soon as I used a REAL USB flash, MS-7613 saw it in the "Hard Drive Group" and booted from it.

    Thank you very one! Your suggestions are appreciated!
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