1000€ pc build (help)

Hi my father wants to buy my 16 year old brother a new pc and he asked me for advice. Since i have only basic understanding of informatic I, in turn ask u guys for help choosing what to buy.
I want to choose the components individualy so im looking for some advice on those.
He will be using the pc primarily to play games surf the web and watch movies.

Approximate Purchase Date: Until christmas

Budget Range : Around 1000€ (1300 usd +/-)

Parts Not Required: Mouse, keyboard, speakers, OS, monitor and printer

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: None

Country of Origin: Portugal

Parts Preferences : would prefer an intel cpu

Overclocking : no, ever

SLI or Crossfire : no

Monitor Resolution : not sure i think its a 1280x1024

Additional Comments : Ok so I hope the community will be willing to post some recommendations. Also keep in mind that im looking for the best quality/price ratio for each component as the 1000€ mark is a roof but i can (happily) spend less.

P.S. Im sory for all of the almost surely existing typos, but english is not my native language
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