Do i need a DD sound card for the x-540?

Sup T.H

I am interested in getting the x-540 speakers to replace my cheap 10 dollar Insigna Speakers. But what i am wondering is do i need to buy a sound card that has dolby digital live for games to work in 5.1 surround sound?

If i get a simple 5.1 $30 sound card like the Asus Xonar DG that doesn't have any dolby digital features, will it still be ok? Will i still be able to play games in 5.1 without having to use the matrix feature?

any help will be appreciated. cheers
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  1. No, the X-540's connect via analog, so you don't need to worry about Dolby encoding and the like.
  2. What about games that have the Dolby Digital Live logo? Wouldn't a soundcard that has that has the dolby encoding features give me much better quality in games?

    For movies, I don't care because i have Ffdshow, Power DVD and ac3/dts decoders, I'm just worried that if i don't get a soundcard that has dolby digital live, that i won't be experiencing true 5.1 surround sound in games.
  3. 8800GT

    but what does my Gpu have to do with this audio discussion? =P
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