Replacing Nvidia GPU in a Dell mobo

i bought a Dell Inspiron 1420 in 2007. Laptop is facing slow death of GPU. Those vertical lines comes while booting. I checked the display, it is fine.I got a good technician and tools for replacing GPU on the existing mobo. On the present GPU it is written G86-630-A2. Could someone tell me a good replacement GPU for the existing GPU, which won't face this slow death?
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    not worth it..
    you would be better off buying a used or refurbished Inspiron 15xx series from eBay or a Latitude D820 from eBay

    thanks for the reply...but i cannot digest the concept of changing the whole mobo for a faulty GPU...
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    contact dell especially if under warranty.

    my laptop is not under warranty.could you suggest me where can i get the details for a fault free version of g86 (g86-630-a2) ? i some how want to see my mobo working well...
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