Monitor gets no signal after sleep!! HELP!

So every time I put my computer to sleep, I awake it by moving/clicking the mouse. This only turns on the computer, not the monitor. The only way to turn the monitor on is to reboot, which defeats the purpose of putting my computer to sleep in the first place. When TRY to power on the monitor, it says "No Signal" and turns off. Any help is much appreciated!

My specs:

Mobo: ASUS P8P67
CPU: Intel i5 2500k (not overclocking)
RAM: 4GB GSkill 10666
HD: 1 TB Samsung Spinpoint
Video Card: Radeon 6870
PS: 750 Antec
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  1. You have to switch the jumper settings in order to make the motherboard bootable(default Bios) . At the time of booting try to change every disable option in the bios and then reboot . It will work. Then again restart and come to Bios and load default settings). It will work. It worked for me.
  2. The monitor isn't waking up because it isn't being sent a signal from the graphics card. Most likely, it is a Windows driver problem with the graphics card, or other than that could be a graphics card problem. With a slight possibility of it being the motherboard. Check the Windows Event Viewer to see if it indicates the problem. I suggest updating your graphics card drivers (if possible). If that doesn't work, or you have the latest, try resetting the CMOS, testing that, and if still not working, updating the BIOS.
  3. This is a known issue with the p67 boards. To fix it you have to either disable PLL Overvoltage in bios, or just disable sleep mode.

    Desktops don't need sleep mode so that is what I chose to disable.

    Hope this helps you out.
  4. I've got a P67 board that doesn't have any problem with sleep, either in Windows Vista, or in Linux. He's not overclocking, so it shouldn't be PLL Overvoltage either. So while some P67 boards may have that problem, this is a different problem – assuming that in really is the case that no overlocking, or anything else associated with it, has been done (i.e. PLL Overvoltage has not been enabled).
  5. OP will probably not respond since it has been like 3 months lol
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