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P55a-UD3 and SLI

Hi - I don't post much but I am always finding helpful info from this site on Google Searches - thought I'd give it a try.

So I'm in the market for a new GPU;

However, someone mentioned to me that the p55a-ud3 does not support SLI at all.
How true is that? Can someone elaborate? No i won't be using sata 3 or USB 3.0.

I'm thinking of getting 2 x GTX 460's, but if my MTB doesn't support SLI then it might have to be a 5870.

What did the guy mean when he meant my motherboard didn't support SLI? What will happen if i do shove 2 cards in there?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.
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  1. The Intel P55 Express Chipset on the GA-P55A-UD3 is only licensed for ATI CrossFireX. There is no SLI support.
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    The UD3 does not originally support Nvidia SLI configuration.
    But as BIOS Modders have learnt it is possible to enable the BIOS to understand and allow the UD3 to become SLI capable

    However, their UD6 supports both CF & SLI

    When you put in two of your Nvidia cards into the mobo they will work, but they will not be able to function like a set of cards, there will be no load sharing between the two. And the driver may just not allow you to setup the SLI configuration in the NVCP.
    Basically , the BIOS of this UD3 board does not have the instruction set to understand what to do when 2 Nvidia cards are put in, so it is going to treat them as two VGA Adapters and nothing more, thereby, when you use them , you'll get the power of just one card, it's like putting a sound card in a deaf man's system.....
    The second one is going to be just useless and draw power.
  3. Okay very well explain. Thanks for the answer. Definitely won't be getting SLI then :(.
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