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I've been playing ffxiv since release and its worked great. Decided to update drivers. Bad deal, graphics in ffxiv are all screwy now. Stray polygons the size of houses all over. So i roll back to the drivers that worked. Didn't fix it. So i go all out

I uninstalled ffxiv and the drivers completely reboot, install drivers, reboot, install ffxiv, reboot, play....still screwy.
I messed with every setting i could find to see if it would effect it at all...nadda

dual hd 4850s
phenom 955
4gigs ddr3 1600
Sata 3 Raid 0
win 7 64bit

game was fine for days wth could have changed that i missed.
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  1. Remove the GPUs from your system. Uninstall the drivers for them and clean-sweep them off the divers, remove any backups for the drivers or registry keys pertaining to them.
    Use a third party software like Clean sweep to get rid of all traces of the drivers.
    Empty the bins etc etc.
    Then shutdown and insert one of your cards.
    Use the old driver that worked correctly for the FF XiV to install the card.
    Install the game and see if you have problems using just one card....
    If not shut down do a swap of the cards and try again if it works fine
    If you get those triangles and shapes with any one of the cards mark it as defective.. :(

    If you don't get them with either cards working alone means they are both fine, just shutdown and insert the second card in again, let it set itself up with the CF bridge attached and then give it a try.
    If all is well, the game will b fine and no objects will appear.
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