Graphics card for me

If i dont want to upgrade my psu then which graphics card is best for me?

My system:

MB- asrock g41-vs2
Ram- 4 gb ddr2
processor- core2 quad q9550
psu- intex 550w
monitor- intex 18.5"
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  1. What are the specifications of the PSU?
    Just open the case, look for stickers on its side and post what it says.
  2. I'm thinking an hd 5770 for that small monitor. Or you can go for an overkill and get a gtx 460.
  3. Quote:
    That's a cheap indian branded psu.

    Keep in mind that the 460 requires 2x6 pin aux connectors, and if your psu hasen't got them you may need a splitter , or even a new psu with more uumpha...:)
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