Whats best monitor for Bluray movies & games on GTX460?

Guys, Im gonna have GeForce GTX460 1GB for GPU, Im looking for a LCD/LED monitor at least 24" or above size. Which one is best suit for that GPU i mention?

Besides BluRay movies, I play games like Assasin Creed 1 & 2, Resident Evil5, StarCraft2, FPS game. Movies as I know wont notice too big difference, but games does. So Im guessing looking more of a gaming mon.

A side question: in future I might get another 460 for SLI, does choose the monitors mater much for single or SLI?

Of course lower the price better, but Im open on the budget for now to see the choice I got.

Thx in advance for all ur tips folks.
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  1. If your using it for movies, get a TV.
  2. actually its more for games.
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