The 415$ challenge

Good day to all.

I have this friend who has roughly 415$, he asked me any way he can get an lga 1366 board and an intel i7 9** processor. He said its ok even if its 2nd hand.
and if there was a way, considering hes really on a tight budget, also he asked me if I can even find mems for his budget.
Thanks and God Bless.
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  1. Depends on what parts he needs.
    However, a new i7-9xx CPU is $300 ish by itself.

    There's now way to build a 1366 PC on that small of a budget. However, depending upon usage, there may be other options.

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  2. LGA 1366 is not likely to happen for that budget.

    (+1 on fill out the form in the sticky / more information needed)
  3. well the i7 930 was going for $199 at microcenter at one stage (not sure of the price now, I also heard the i7 950 is $199 there but im not sure how true that is) the MSI x58 PRO E is a cheap x58 motherboard
  4. Your friend's best bet would be to look at an AMD.

    How about this one?

    Note, I HIGHLY recommend grabbing a better power supply, may put him over 415, but perhaps he can squeeze another 20 bucks.

    Comes with 2 gb of ram, ddr2 admittedly, but gives a case, optical drive, 1.5 terabyte drive, Asus board, and Athlon II quad. For your budget, I don't know that you will do much better. Especially because this comes with Windows 7 OS bundled. So I would say grab that deal, put a better power supply in from the get go. Later on, put 2 more gb of ddr2 in for a total of 4 gb, then put a dedicated card in like a gts 450 or 460 and your friend should have a nice little gamer rig.
  5. I bought an i7 950 for 199$ from Microcenter and an asus sabretooth from Newegg for 179$ a few weeks ago. Unless you have spare parts to fill in the rest of the pc its not really possible to build for 415$. LGA 1136 start at around 600 minimum.
  6. wait for sandy bridge. Current prices will go down and compareable sandy bridge cpus will be available for less. You should be able to get a good i7 950 compareable cpu and decent mobo for under 400.
  7. If hes willing to step down to a i5 and save 15 bucks aswell this is a great deal :
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