Need a new PSU!

ok so for the first time i decide not to go for a generic and get a 500W OCZ psu and within a year the fans stopped dead, to make things worse as i brought on ebay so apparently OCZ don't do RMA for it.

anyway im in a smallish case so modular or short cables will be a help, AMD M3N78-EM mobo, Phenome 995 x4 cpu, 8gb ddr 2 memory, dvd rw, couple fans and a 5700 ATI gfx card
looking around £50 range

, any good recommendations :D

preferably one that blasts fan out the back end :D
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  1. Dadiggle, he's in England (£) and as you know, Newegg don't ship over oceans.
  2. Coolermaster power supplies are terrible, Silverstone however is a company I can't speculate about so much. Have a look on for a review.
  3. the silverstone one looks good, small and compact, i have a Silverstone case, 1 cross flow fan and 2 case fans, all seem good
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