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Hi guys,
Could someone tell me whether I should use my old asus EAH4830 or plumb for the ATI Radeon HD5450 when upgrading with a motherboard bundle?
If I keep my own card it will be £32 cheaper as with the HD5450
or I could sell my 4830 and get a HD5770 with the bundle for an extra £57 in view of getting another HD5770 in the future for crossfire mode.

Many thanks in advance
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  1. The HD5450 is useless for gaming.
  2. maybe hold off until the 6000 series comes out.

    sell your 4830 now while prices are firm.

    Buy the 5770 when the price drops
  3. Do anything but get a 5450. If it were me I would keep my card and upgrade later. The way I read that is that the 5770 would cost you 89 euros or like 125 bucks which is a good deal, but 4830 to 5770 isn't a huge jump I would wait for a more signifigant ugrade.
  4. ^+1, don't get a 5450, the 5770 would do you better, and the 4830 would do well compared to the 5450.
  5. http://www.tomshardware.com/charts/2010-gaming-graphics-charts-high-quality/Battlefield-Bad-Company-2,2464.html

    According to that the 4830 slots between the 5670 and the 5750, the 5450 doesn't even show up on the chart because it's not a gaming card.
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