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Heyya !

Yeah its been 3 and a half years since I got my gaming lappy, time to upgrade back to a proper rig with no overheating and overpriced "mobile" hardware.

I game on a daily basis, all kinds of genres, and quite some MMO gaming in there, so I need nothing short of a powerhouse, that will also last me a while.

the last pc I build was 6 years ago and I am totally out of loop, so here I am , looking for well informed advice and suggestions.

Id like something that will go quite some time, am already looking at that new 570 gtx, possibly SLI in future?


Approximate Purchase Date: Before xmas 2010

Budget Range: 1600 €

System Usage from Most to Least Important: heavy duty gaming, game recording, game streaming;

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, screen

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: No clue, I need to purchase parts in germany though

Country of Origin: Germany

Parts Preferences: Intel processor, Nvidia GPU

Overclocking: no idea about overclocking, never did it

SLI or Crossfire: I was thinking of a system with the new 570 gtx and the option to get a second 570 later on for SLi. So that should be possible with the system

Monitor Resolution: I do not know yet which monitor I should get since I am using a 17 inch laptop right now. was thinking bout a 22 inch monitor max, something nifty with 120 hz if possible.

Additional Comments: Is it possible to have a great machine in a medium tower? with no drawbacks? I often move places and need to be able to fit my stuf into my old VW Golf ;P


I am looking for high performance here, Id like to stream games directly, record them while having great performance and generally having fluid gameplay with great graphics.

i hope my budget cuts it, 1600 € should equal 2100 USD, so quite some room to play with, as I saved up long time for this one, torturing myself with my now crappy laptop.

Please help me :hello:
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  1. I seem to be unable to edit my post so here some additional stuff which I forgot :

    I would like to retain some upgradebility, such as more ram / if that will ever be needed lol) and as mentioned a second GPU. Also would like at least around 500 GB harddrive space ( the more the better but speed is more important).

    If having a medium sized tower means cutting back in performance, Id gladly take a large one, but medium but be awesome, still.
  2. From all the advice I got in the last couple days I think you should wait a bit for the new 69xx AMD series and Sandybridge CPU.

    From what I understood it will worth the 1-2 month waiting..
  3. I absolutely cannot wait any longer, Im driving home from the uk all the way to germany next week for christmas. I go by car so I can pute my new comp in there for transporting back to the UK, its gotta be now.

    Also i would like a SSD Harddrive for windows, idk like 60 gb or smth like that, moar performance !
  4. No other replies ?
  5. Good sir I'd recommend if you aren't going to wait, i7 870 w/ 4 gigs of ram - 1600MHZ. Some corsair or Gskill wont go amiss, and you dont need 8gbs for gaming so 4 is better. If you really wanna use up all your $$, go for an i7 950 with 6 gigs of 1600MHZ ram. Then go for 2 x GTX 460's or 1 or 2 570s. (Checking SLI results)
    Then grab any 40-60 GB SSD and also go for an SLI mobo i.e. ASUS Rampage III Extreme LGA 1366 Intel X58 SATA is a great mobo if u get the 950. Although to be honest the 870 wont lose much against the 950 but you need a 1156 mobo if u get the 870.

    Get a large HAF 922 or 932 if you dont already have a case, or the DF series (looks nice) or if u just like antec you can grab the antec 902/1200.

    PSU: ANY 700W+ corsair will do with plenty of headroom for ocing.
    Go a bit larger if you wanna swap out the gpu in 4+ years time (Trust me they'll survive that long :D).
    Antec Truepower / signature series is also good.

    So basically heres a good build.

    i7 950
    6 gigs G.skill/corsair ram trichannel 1600MHZ!
    Corsair/Truepower/Signature series 700W PSU (Make sure at least 4x 6 pin, or 2x 6+2 + 2x6 pin etc.. all 700+s should have this thouhg)
    SSD (pick any)
    Rampage III extreme
    Any nice looking reasonably expensive case, e.g. haf 922
    2x GTX 460's / 570's (800W + same brand for 570s)
    Edit: Whats the resolution of ur monitor going to be? 30" = 1600 and lesser is generally 1200 or 1080. make sure it isnt lower than 1080.

    Because if its 1920x1200/ 1920x1080 then a single 570 will be enough, but still get a 800w psu for later.
    If its 2560x1600, definitely get the 2nd one, but wait if ur res is less!
  6. why thank you, it seems my budget is quite high and so most people dont feel that it presents itself as a challenge to actually suggest a build. While I understand that, I am quite clueless to what I should be getting, at all, so please keep some builds coming.
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