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Hi Guys/Gals

I am trying to setup a lan at my place between 2 pcs. I have got 1 main PC and other secondary pc

which i use sometime for taking backups.

my setup configuration is

secondary pc temporarily connected to main pc by crosswire cat5 cable (2meter in length).
ADSL cat5 cable temporarily connected to main pc (1m in length).

only one of them is connected to main pc at a time as per the need of internet or backup.

i want to get rid of these frequent changing of the cables with my main pc.

one solution is get 3 way Ethernet Splitter Extender/coupler (all 3 females) unit to reconnect the

setup in which i need not disconnect any cat5 cables and my main pc will have connection to both

adsl and second pc simultaneously depending upon which i turn on ( ADSL or second pc).

now experts have to advice me on this scheme

if it will work and won't damage any parts/pc/ports under any circumstances.

i am thinking to connect ADSL CAT wire and secondary pc's cat wire in the 2 adjecent ports of the

splitter. will connect the remaining port directly to my main pc by other cat5 cable (straight

wired) a sort of Y shaped configuration.

Q1. will this scheme work successfully??

Q2 if i can keep on both ADSL and the second pc ON simultaneously and do file transfer to second pc

as well as do surfing without damaging anything??
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    Dang, I had some trouble following that, but why not just get a cheap ethernet switch?
  2. I second that. 5 port 10/100 switch for ~$30 and gig switch for ~$40-50
  3. switch.
    2. Plug PC, Secondary PC, and Router into switch
    3. Done
  4. Yes I would get a cheep router, that would give Internet to all of your computers at the same time, as well as provide as a hardware firewall, witch in my opinion every Internet connections needs. there are some dirt cheep ones at local stores like walmart and target, I picked a wireless G router up for 30$ a wile ago, no deal, no rebate. 30$ out the door.
    So far it has been working grate!
    That would give you 4 direct connections to plug in computers and there is a another conection for Internet. Not realy any setup required for wired connections, just plug everything in and it works. Wireless you need to turn on and set up if you want it.
  5. Thank you guys
    The query was just out of curiocity i will go for a switch

  6. To run both pcs on the internet at the same time you will need to get a SOHO (small office/home office) router. These incorporate a router and a switch into one box. Router handles multiple IPs and the switch handles multiple connections.
    Just using a switch will not work for internet access unless your modem has a built in router.
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