Gaming Case Suggestion Less Than $100?

Need a new mid tower ATX gaming case.

I'm looking for at least 1 120mm front intake fan, 1 120 mmside fan, 1 top fan, and 1 rear fan.

What's the opinion of a bottom loading PSU? I've heard better air flow to the CPU but less room for oversized GPUs?
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  1. Most people prefer a top-mounted PSU but having one on the bottom of the case allows for better airflow.
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    The Antec 300 Illusion is the bast case in it's price range in my opinion. Comes with 3 x 120mm and 1 x 140mm multi speed fans and is nearly silent on low. Build quality is high and it has good cable management.
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    +1 to anort3 ^

    Make it three! :D
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  6. Lancool pc k62 $99.99...

    Has 3 140mm fans and 1 120mm exhaust fan

    Has a window also and cable mgt holes for better cable mgt.
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