Ati 5670 problem refresh rate 75 mhz

system drive 10.9
i have problem with refresh rate 75 MHz
LCD Samsung 17 1280*1024
motherboard msi 790-G65
cpu amd 965
ram 8 Gb 1333 mhz
please help me
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  1. Could you be a little more specific?
    You can't attain 75Mhz or you can't lower it more than that?
  2. With so little information, I don't where to begin....

    DVI and HDMI connections only operates at 60Hz.

    Some monitor with VGA connection can operate at higher than 60Hz as long as you are using less than max or native resolution. Addtionally, some monitors internally convert signals above 60Hz back down to 60Hz so that the net effect is zero.
  3. ^^ No, you can use DVI at 75Hz. And most LCD's have support for at least 75Hz these days...
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