BSOD/freezing on HP Pavilion A6500f - I need advice

Hi, I'm not sure if I should be posting to this thread......I am at my wits end with this PC. It is 2 years old. This came with Vista, but I installed XP. Worked okay. We had a house fire (plastic) in late July. The PC wasn't in the room with the fire, but was running the entire time and had quite a lot of soot inside. By the time it was blown out, it had been two weeks. We requested that it be inspected because if you moved it, there was still some soot coming out. My daughter was also complaining that it was slowing down. A local computer company checked it out about 2 months post fire. They basically just ran the burn in tests, mem tests, etc. and pronounced it to be healthy and undamaged. About a month ago, it started blue screening and eventually got to where it would boot to the loading Windows, BS, then keep looping. I bought a new hard drive and loaded Windows 7. If it sits for an hour or more, it just freezes. The display goes black and BSOD. My problem is this: I have googled this PC and BSOD and it seems there are problems with it as far as the nvidia drivers. I have updated the chipset drivers as well as the firmware. I have updated the video drivers. I tried to update the Windows USB Host Controller and that failed (I read that was an issue as well - USB devices causing a BS). It is still doing the same thing. I was thinking about getting a better video card, but I'm wondering if I'm chasing my tail. Could this be caused by the soot? I hear that soot from a plastic fire is very acidic and sticky (very hard to remove from a MB). Could the problems I'm having be from the fire, rather than Windows 7/nvidia issues? If anyone has any advice, I'd sure appreciate it. One more thing - I have installed Sims 3 and World Adventures on this PC. My daughter hasn't played them yet, because every time she goes to use the PC, it freezes anyway.

Manufacturer: Foxconn MCP73M01H1 (Napa-GL8E)

Chipset: GeForce 7100/nForce 630i

Memory sockets: 2 x DDR2 (4gb installed)

Front side bus speeds: 800/1066/1333 MHz

Processor socket: 775 - Intel Core 2 Duo E2220

Western Digital 1TB 3.5" Desktop Internal Hard Drive (WD1002FAEX)
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  1. Quote:
    so did these guys even clean the board off or just run tests.?

    I don't think they did clean the MB off. It had been blown out by another company that came to the house, so this guy told us it looked clean to him. Yet, we still had soot coming out of the case...not much, but still...

    Worst part is, these PCs do have issues without soot being involved. I don't know whether I should keep trying to address this as a PC problem or tell the insurance that the PC is toast and get some replacement money for it. I'm afraid the insurance will send it back to the same company and he'll run the tests again and say it's fine.
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