Are there really no motherboards that fit my requirements?

I need a motherboard with:

lga 775
x4500 integrated graphics (graphics could be lower as well, but definitely integrated)

It seems like it's impossible to find a motherboard with these features for whatever reason. Most common blocker is ich7 southbridge, which means no ahci and no trim for the ssd.

Making a cheap budget build for a non-poweruser while saving money with some parts I already have but I still want it to be solid and do the best I can with it.

If anyone knows any motherboards with what I need, I would GREATLY appreciate it.
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  1. It's pretty pointless to buy a 775 system - if you're not going to be a power user the technology just is four generations out of date.

    Honestly if you're going to go that low budget I think it'd be wiser to go with an AMD Llano CPU or maybe a Pentium G620 - you could still build a system like that for about $350 - $400.
  2. Since you want this motherboard , you must have other parts in mind that makes you want this motherboard and is there a budget amount that you would like to share with us. What are the parts you already have , if you give us all the info maybe someone can come up with a solution for you.
  3. Intel BLKDG965SSCK LGA 775 Intel G965 Express Micro ATX Intel Motherboard - OEM

    ASUS P5Q-EM DO LGA 775 Intel Q45 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard

    ASUS P5G41T-M LX LGA 775 Intel G41 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard

    GIGABYTE GA-G41MT-USB3 LGA 775 Intel G41 USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard

    Intel BOXDQ965WCEKR LGA 775 Intel Q965 Express PicoBTX Intel Motherboard

    Ok the first two will meet your requirements and the rest don't have 4 ram slots they have 2.
  4. 1, 2, and 5 have ddr2.

    3 and 4 do not support ahci, which is a dealbreaker since I'm using a cheap ssd.

    If I truly cannot find any, I would have to decide between using ddr2 or discrete graphics. Given my goals of this project, I would probably prefer downgrading to ddr2, even though it would cost me ~$20 more for an inferior product.
  5. What is the end use of this MoBo you so desperately need with 4 integrated graphics chips?
  6. Hm? I don't NEED an x4500 chip, it could also be lower. But I'd prefer it, as that's the best and most of the 775 motherboards with integrated have that.
  7. Best answer

    The only one I could find that meets all your criteria.
  8. Ah yes. I think I actually may have seen that one earlier but passed it over due to open box. I have plenty of extra wires and cables though and it's likely my only option, so if everything checks out on the quality of that model, I'll likely order it.

    Thanks for looking, I think I've been filtering the other graphics and not the 4500hd recently.

    If anyone knows others I'd still appreciate it but the chances seem small.
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