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Best GPU for Video/Media Editing + Gaming?

Well the PC i'm building is pretty much ready but I've been thinking about my GPU and I wanna know whats the best GPU to get that I can edit and produce HD videos with (which is the main purpose) while having small games like mw2 black ops etc?

Im running a system w/ :

8 GB Ram
i7 950

& Everything in my system is SLI / Crossfire Ready because I will eventually get a second card.

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  1. Whats your budget? What software do you use?

    If it's anything CUDA accelerate you'll need to go Nvidia. Cheapest would be a GTX 460 at ~$200.
  2. For a card Alone dont wanna spend over 250 for now until I crossfire / sli later

    When I assemble it I will be using Windows 7 64 Bit
  3. I meant video editing software. Premier is CUDA accelerated for example, as are many addon's for Aftereffects.

    Suggestion for $250 would be a GTX 470 $230 after MIR
  4. Yeah if I say Im going to be using Mostly premier & after effects with minimal sony vegas if at all does that change anytthing?


    Also If I said my budget was 300 and I was looking for an asus/evga card could you help me with that?
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    Zotac is a perfectly good company which has a lifetime warranty.

    EVGA cards are not worth more than PNY, Zotac, Asus or Gigabyte. Same with factory OC cards. Paying people to push a few buttons for you is kinda silly.

    Regardless, any suggestion from $240-$350 range would be the gtx 470.
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  7. Alright Thanks Mate
  8. 470 GTX Superclocked $249 after MIR

    I'll disagree with the poster above on the paying for someone else to push a few buttons. As some one who's been there and done that .... and had a card replaced because it couldn't hold the guaranteed overclock, that guarantee has a monetary value. At $10 .... as in the link above, I'll gladly pay it .... if it was $50 I wouldn't.
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