Corsair hx 1000 or Antec truepower 1000

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  1. The antec is about 40$ cheaper
  2. no lol just 2 in sli
  3. what do you reccomend and xfx is junk so dont say that
  4. Xfx just recalled almost everyone of there psu out of the stores i just talked to xfx via phone today. Every single black ed 750-850 fan is bad lol
  5. can a 550 watt bfg psu power a single 580 in my setup
  6. For the price of the hx 1000 get the silverstone 1000 gold
  7. Decied to go with a pc power and cooling 910w silencer pro.
  8. you ask advice and valid advice was given and was ignored so why did you start all your threads in the first place ??
  9. I dont think I ignored what you said. Started thge threads to see what other people would reccomend. I think its funny how did I ignore the advice.
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