ASUS p8z68-V pro won't detect Barracuda HD

Rebuilt sustem with I7 and ASUS p8z68-V Pro mother board. New Corsair HX 750 PSU. Power up system and it goes through Post as evidenced by LED lights on board (although no Post beeps, even with HD Audio plugged in). I can get to BIOS and it claims to see SATA connection (3Gb), but Seagate Barracuda ST31000b28AS is not detected. It sees my ddr3 OK. Windows logo comes up briefly then system reboots. Can't get into safe mode. I've checked cables (changed) and same thing.

I'm stuck. Would appreciate any insights.
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  1. Does it detect the hard drive in the BIOS? Another silly question did you do a fresh install of the OS?
  2. It does see the HD in the hard Drive, but says it doesn't in the Post boot page. I had XP pro (32) loaded on my hard drive and it worked fine on my last system, so I figured that it would recognize it in the new. Why wouldn't is see my C-drive. Should I reformat and load anew? I've got Windows 7 upgrade, but I'm loath to lose all my data since it would be time consumming to reload (I do have most important personal items saved to disk)
  3. If it detects it in the bios the problem is the old install. Your going to need to do a fresh install of windows. There might be ways around doing this but with a new build your going to get the best results with a fresh install. I would get all the files that you need off the drive before you do it.
  4. After hours of searching the internet, it turns out that the ASUS P8Z68-V PRO motherboard does not have the drivers to load XP Pro in SATA AHCI mode. I was able to load it on another hard drive under IDE Mode and I'm in the process of flashing my BIOS to add the required drivers for SATA mode.

    The fact that ASUS did not advertise this is particular irksome to me. THIS is so typical of hardware and software venders in this industry. Why, do they universally keep important aspect of their products so obscure? Why ASUS didn't bother to include this important fact in their manual or even on their web site is a mystery to me. Was it incompetence or dishonesty in order to preserve market share?

    I honestly believe we need national legislation, Honesty in Specifications, requiring vendors to reveal important facts about the operation of their product, particularly short-comings and needed work-arounds. This fuzzy word-of-mouth approach is way too time consuming and makes relatively simple home-builds unnecessarily complicated.
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