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Hello, I downloaded MSI Afterburner a week ago, not really to overclock but more to just check temperature etc... I have a Palit GTX 460.
Basically what happened was after a while I started realising that the Afterburner was setting my Memory Clock to 2000Mhz, when it was meant to be 1800Mhz. And when I clicked reset it just went to 1800Mhz but wouldn't let me apply as if it was on 1800 all along. So one other day basically I was playing ETW, turned off, MSI was on in the background, just checked it before closing and saw that my memory clock speed was running at 2000Mhz even though I'd reset it to 1800. I uninstalled afterburner but now I realise that if this actually did overlock my machine then my warranty is probably out anyway. So is this a common problem that MSI has with GTX 460's or is it just mine that glitched. I can't be bothered to reinstall MSI after this, but I know that with Vtune I had no such problems and my Memory clock had always been at 1800.
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  1. Honestly I think your mistaken. MSI afterburner will not just overclock by itself. When you hit reset it sets, resets the gpu bios clocks which are hard coded.
    Are you trying to figure out some kind of excuse for a problem or possible problem ?
    And it will only change settings if you HIT APPLY.
  2. Exactly, basically, when I turn on computer and open MSI after burner, it's set to 2000Mhz. I either reset (back to 1800) or manually type in 1800. When I click reset, the indicator moves and it goes back to 1800, but the apply button doesn't light up so I can't click. When I manually type in 1800 and hit apply something else happens, for some reason it just goes to a random number like 1809, and it won't go to exact 1800 until I hit reset.

    The problem is that now it says its on 1800, but actually, when I shut down, turn on and open MSI it's back to 2000... So for a time I thought it just said 2000 but the memory speed was actually 1800 or somethign cuz when I turn on VTune it's on 1800. But I realised there was a problem when looking at the graphs after playing I saw the memory speed had been 2000 and not 1800 Mhz.
  3. So anyway, one thing I wonder now is what my actually memory speed is, because based on VTune it is 1800, based on MSI it was 2000, is there any direct way of checking this?
  4. Maybe you got a Sonic Platinum or a card that has had it's bios flashed to a sonic platinum. Afterburner won't overclock on it's own your card is defaulting to 2000mhz, which is not really a bad thing for a 460 unless you're getting aftifacts.

    To set it permanently in afterburner you have to save your profile, then go into settings and find the tab where you set default 2D and 3D profiles and select the profile that you saved.
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