Corsair tx 650

I got the corsair tx 650. it is not hooked up to a computer yet because the motherbaord int here yet. i plugged it into the wall then i plugged a fan into the psu to test the psu. it didnt work. Is the psu defective and should i return it or is it something different?

thanks for your reply
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    No... It isn't defective. You need to create a single to trigger the PSU to turn on. Typically, this comes from the motherboard but your can use a paperclip to turn on the PSU for testing.

    1) Get a paper clip and straighten it to a U shape.

    2) Plug one end into the "green-wire slot"

    3) Plug the other end into the "black-wire slot"

    4) Power supply kicks on :)
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  3. thanks so much. i thought something was wrong. was close to returning it!!!
  4. You are welcome....

    Your PSU choice was a good one too :)
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