Corsair hx850w / 9800gx2

hi im new to this site so dont no if ill get anywhere but i hope so, question is would a corsair hx850w be good for a sli 9800gx2 without problems ? ive only got the one card at mo but was thinking upgrading to 2 or maybe a newer card, went for the 9800gx2 as only 80 pound and i think thats good card for that price, system is, am3 965 black edition (3.4ghz), 8gb ram (1333mhz), 1x 9800 gx2, asus motherboard, 1tb samsung hdd, x22 dual layer, few fans with gaming case, thanks for any help ??
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  1. Yes, that power supply will have no trouble running two 9800GX2's, and having plenty of power to spare.
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