Gpu fan control and driver error gtx 465

Hello,im using gtx 465 and i have 2 problems:
1) firestorm does not increase my fan speed it lets my graphic card go 90c im always to increase fan speed manually tough its set to auto.
2)display driver nvidia windows kernel mode driver ,version 258.96 stopped responding and has succesfully recovered happens like 10 times in a day. usually happens when i boot up and sometimes watching videos. i got my pc to service we tried there but error didnt even show up. only difference from home was they were using 1280x monitor tough im using 1920x1080. help me out! :(:(
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  1. im wondering can this error accour when im using different resulation monitors?
  2. 1.) I'm unfamiliar with firestorm, but I would reccomend unistalling it and installing MSI afterburner (even if you have a zotac card it will work fine) then make and automatic fan profile and see if your fan speed is increasing as the GPU gets hotter, if not something is wrong with your card.

    2.) Use driver sweeper and then reinstall your driver (or go get the new one from the nvidia site) just to be sure, but that's a general error message that the card has recovered from an error or crash, it doesn't neccesarily mean you have a driver problem.

    Also make sure you have enough of a PSU for that card, underpowering the card could be causing it to fail.
  3. tnx for your answer benski. i tried to re-install driver like 3 times and im using the latest one now. i have 1200w cougar psu it must be enough for that card i guess.
    can the changing of voltage in electricty cause that problem? because i had my tv broken for that reason recently.
  4. You mean like a brownout? If you have a surge protector no, if not maybe, but probably not. Your PSU should definately be enough for that card.
  5. yeah i mean brownout. i cant see any reason why this problem did not accour on service (i was there all the time and this problem didnt show up!) it only accours when im using it at home.
    btw msi afterburner working great. it sets my fan speed acordingly to my gpu temp. ty:)
  6. 1280x720 is far less demanding on the GPU than 1920x1080 could be one reason you didn't encounter the problem when you took it in for service. Voltage drops can cause all kinds of wierd crashes like that so that could be your problem, if you have another PSU available try it out but I suspect that you may have just gotten a bad GPU.
  7. tnx for your advise. ill talk to service guy to change it and i guess ill grab a hd5850. dont like nvdia at all second card in 2 years and both needed to be changed
  8. Well good luck to you, 5850 is a good choice if you're turned off by nvidia at this point.
  9. its now obivous that its not a driver problem as used Driver Sweeper and installed new beta driver 260.89 got the same error and tried an older driver same problem again. just writing for help those who lives same problem with me and they read this topic by chance.
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