Only one big Crossfire connection?

Hello I've just got my two new XFX HD5770 cards (the version 2.0 that looks more like a shield/tear then a small box). I got happy as hell, planing on playing hardcore-games the whole night. So, I plugged the cards in to the motherboard and then when i tried to connect the two cards i found out that the connection cable for the crossfire connectors wont fit?!?!?! ITS JUST TO SMALL!!!

So... I started google the card seeing that a lot of other models have two connections for Crossfire (my cards only have one) and that their connections where smaller then mine. What should i do now? I looked at the website i bought them from and it says its Crossfire ready.

Help me, where can I get these kind of cables and what are they called?!

With the kindest regards!
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  1. maybe contact the XFX and ask about this problem, they sell this card so absolutely they should have the solution for you...
  2. Did the connector come with the cards or the motherboard and what motherboard is it?
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